Virtual Teamwork

Many organisations are now grappling with the transition from face-to-face teamwork to the new world of fully remote working. Our Virtual Teamwork solution will inspire your people to rise to the challenges of staying connected and collaborating when face-to-face is simply not possible.
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When organisations experience disruption on a global scale, the need for teams to respond creatively and proactively is paramount. Virtual Teamwork helps teams rise to this challenge by unlocking innovation with a shared purpose.

Who is it aimed at

Virtual Teamwork is a highly effective solution and catalyst for enhanced team performance. Whether a new team that has been thrust into remote working at short notice, or a deeply experienced team simply looking to take its performance to another level, Virtual Teamwork will unlock the true potential of everybody.

Your team will become highly adaptable and better able to respond to future black swan challenges, whether virtual or face-to-face.

You’ll learn to balance the ability to change and move quickly with a grounded sense of accountability and follow-through, empowering your people, teams and leaders to perform at their best when you most need them.

Virtual Teamwork works whatever your challenge:
1. You are a team facing disruption, looking for a new focus and shared purpose.
2. You or your team have never worked remotely before and need to learn fast.
3. You have mixed experiences of virtual working in the team and quickly need to share best practice.
4. You are already an effective virtual team who wants to up their game and take their performance and relationships to another level.


Use the Team Viewer to interactively explore the team's virtual personality


Quickly see how the team changes under pressure


Learn how to communicate effectively across diverse geographies


Immediately apply the learning to the team and yourself

How it works

An action-packed three-hour session, masterfully facilitated, to uncover individual and team behaviours using the Lumina Spark Mandala. The team’s collective response to pressure is explored and discussed, resulting in an actionable team charter designed to improve performance. All team members explore their interpersonal dynamics, facilitated by the Lumina Splash App, and make practical commitments to each other to enhance their relationships.

Wherever the team is based, they will benefit from access to the Lumina Learning Experience Platform, which helps them record their development objectives and draw on a variety of engaging e-learning resources. Our virtual facilitators customise and apply the Virtual Teamwork framework to shape the team’s own unique journey to high performance.

lumina learning lumina team working together cooperating
Through a deeper understanding of the team’s shared strengths and possible blind spots, everybody will commit to their personal and collective growth
The inspiring yet practical language of the Lumina Spark framework helps the team value deep diversity
The team benefits from deeper connections, stronger communication skills and a sense of shared purpose
Everybody explores the impact of the virtual environment on themselves and on the team

The So What?

Build rapport

Value diversity

Improve collaboration

Increase productivity

Teambuilding with a geographically remote team has never felt so personal – Lumina Learning has gone the extra mile to make the virtual sessions familiar, exciting and interactive

Dr Jeremy Rowson

CEO CE Turner

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